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I paint from my subjective experience to express myself and elicit an emotional response in others, I’m unconcerned with depicting objective reality or creating work that is academic or aesthetically pleasing. The result can be exquisitely distorted and exaggerated.

Much of my art reflects my anxiety and discordant relationship with the world, while some, in stark contrast, express hope and elation.

My style is expressive and immediate. Rarely do I plan a painting beforehand. Instead, I let subconscious impulses guide my hand.


The son of two artists, David grew up in New York City when it was covered with graffiti and Keith Haring originals. Punk and Hip Hop were born, cinema was reignited and underground art spilled into the mainstream as a cultural explosion concussed the city. From this emerged David’s artistic roots.

David studied filmmaking at NYU and later, art and design, beginning a career as a digital Art Director at some of the top agencies in New York.

In 2006, David returned to fine art, leaving behind his many influences to pursue his own unique style and vision.


Prince Street Gallery, Juried Competition, Chelsea, NY
Arc Gallery, "Dreams", San Francisco, CA
LIC Arts Open Gallery, "Creatures", LIC, NY
LIC Arts Open Gallery, "Heads", LIC, NY
Monmouth Museum 39th Annual International Juried Art Exhibition, Middletown NJ
Barsky Gallery, Hoboken, NJ

Barsky Gallery, Hoboken, NJ

Uptown Gallery, Fargo, ND
Creative Bloch Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Uptown Gallery, Fargo, ND

Monkdogz Gallery, Manhattan, NY

Monkdogz Gallery, Manhattan, NY
Midoma Gallery, Manhattan, NY

The Alcove Gallery, Atlanta, GA 

DUA Gallery, Manhattan, NY
The Spurious Fugitive Gallery - Southbend, IN
World Culture Gallery -Manhattan, NY

Midoma Gallery (solo show), Manhattan, NY
Seffens Gallery - Manhattan , NY 

BFA, New York University

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Studio Visit Magazine
Catapult Magazine
Creative Bloch Magazine

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Spray Blog
Art Shout
The New York Optimist
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